"I love short stories – and the writers who have written them from Flannery O'Connor, F.Scott Fitzgerald to James Baldwin, etc. some times people love to read don't have the time to read a novel, the short story takes you to worlds with as much fun and delight in the time it takes to sit down and have lunch or take a train to New York form Jersey. I do not wish to compare my writing to the great authors mentioned above – it is just the short story which I grew up with and that seems to be a lost art now days."                        


                                                    Kevin Moore

The bright, ruby red, Christmas ornament with the sparkling white Santa Claus face caught Bobby Taylor's attention and lured him into the airport lounge. Looking around the bar area, the tree seemed out of place in the smoke filled cocktail lounge where Christmas travelers crowded the bar preparing for reunions. Gently, he slid his hand around the ornament and lifted it off the tree.  

-Excerpt from the best-selling book Christmas Stories by Kevin Moore

Amazon Reviews

​The perfect Christmas Gift or Stocking Stuffer this Holiday Season 

- Radio San Fernando Valley

This is a great book. Very inspiring and touching. Wish there were more than 7 stories!

- Carol S

 There's something for everybody in these stories. I love time travel and the story O Christmas Tree was my absolute favorite. But then again, The Santa Suit was so uplifting, I think maybe that was my favorite. And the character Gloria in 911 was deep and complex, I loved her. I liked all the stories, to be honest. It's a quick read. Very uplifting. I know I'm going to want to re-visit this book but next time, I'll be playing my favorite Christmas music and will have a cup of hot chocolate to accompany me. - Patty M


​Kevin Moore, in each of his short stories, weaves a rich tapestry of life's exquisitely complex journey that becomes infused with God's miracles of courage, hope, faith and love.  

- Wendy G.